June, 2021 – The Canoe

The canoe needs some work, but it is seaworthy. It was a recent gift from a friend!

There is a paddle in its hull but no life vests or floating cushions.

We leaned it against the wall and wish to keep it there.

It is for the use of our Guests that feel a compulsion to get out on the Cove to fish or sojourn with nature. If you wish to use it, please do so at your own risk … please be careful! And, when you are through or leaving, please return it from whence it came! We don’t want to lose it!

Unless your a skilled oarsman, it is not safe to take this outside of the Cove as the motorboats are not always sympathetic to your needs.

You canoe-aficionados may wish to bring your own paddles and gear in order to make the best use of it.

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