Winter Drawdown 2020

Every year Lake Burton is drawn down in the fall to accommodate the historically high rainfall months.   This drawdown is called the “Winter Rule Curve” and is a part of the requirements of our License to generate electricity with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Lake Burton “Winter Rule Curve” annual drawdown schedule:

November 1, 2020 – Lake starts down gradually from Normal (1865.0 elevation)
December 31, 2020 – Lake is 7’ feet down (1858.0 elevation)
February 1, 2021 – Lake starts up from (1858.0 elevation)
March 1, 2021 – Lake is within 5 feet of Normal pool (1860.0 elevation)
May 1, 2021 – Lake is back to Normal summer pool (1865.0 elevation)

The depth of the lake off of our dock is 19′. This would mean boat access is a possibility year round even though launching points around the Lake are somewhat restricted – the one at Murray Cove is available year round, and the marinas will be closed beginning November 1st.

Because of covid-19, the use of lake houses has increased significantly in popularity. Whether this will affect the policies at the marinas has yet to be determined.

The Georgia Mountain State Fair

October is the month that the Georgia Mountain State Fair occurs in Hiawassee, Georgia.

As children, we went there to see the giant tomatoes and other crops grown by the mountain folk and to see the cloggers, hear the fiddlers and see the hog rifle competition, like something right out of Sergeant York!

It’s a great place to go to enjoy something completely different!

There is a complete calendar of events in the above link.

Bears and Copperheads

This article addresses the issue of Bears and Copperheads – common concerns in the North Georgia Mountains.

Worth the read. Many thanks to the Lake Burton Homeowners Association and Bill Russell, the author of the article!

The bottomline is that they live in the mountains. That’s their home. If you leave food out (garbage), they will come. If you mess around under bushes or in English Ivy, without looking at what you are doing, you are asking for trouble.

Big takeaway is that the non-poisonous snakes eat the poisonous ones, and it is actually against the law the kill the good guys, so please leave them alone.

Don’t worry. They don’t like you any more than you do them. Leave them alone, and they will most probably leave.

Finally, don’t mess with the bears!

We have been up at the Lake for over 30 years and have only seen one.

Again, take your garbage to the dump, and they will have no reason to visit you during your stay.