Where to Eat

If you have ever wondered how much you can eat, still your disquietude. The Dillard House in Dillard, Georgia offers family style eating the way that it was meant to be. And, the food is great! It is 19.5 miles away from the Lake and well worth the drive.

There are numerous very good restaurants in Clayton, Georgia which include the Clayton Cafe, a favorite with local folks, Rumor Haz It, which offers more of a contemporary cuisine and, if you are in the mood for Mexican, the Manrique’s is nice surprise. The best burger in town,  without doubt, can be had at the Universal Joint! It’s a fun place to sit outside when the weather is nice. Your dog is welcome there! The  Rusty Bike Cafe gets the nod for the variety and tastiness of its cuisine, and Oinker’s wins the award for its barbecue.

Just north of Clayton, in Rabun Gap, is Tomlin BBQ and Catering. Some folks rate it as being the best barbecue in the area, upstaging Oinker’s. Word is that they make a mean banana pudding, a personal favorite!

There are many other options to suit your mood. Check out the list of restaurants in Clayton, GA at Bing.

Just south of the Lake on Ga Hwy 197 is the town of Batesville, home of the Batesville General Store. Their advertising says that they have the “best biscuits in Batesville”. We would not doubt it. It’s a nice place to stop in the mornings or for lunch. We have often gone down there to get a bag full of sausage and country ham biscuits.

Helen, GA has a multitude of restaurants. We will try to bring these to you as we work our way through them. For now, Hofer’s of Helen offers a very good German menu along with a wide variety of desserts! Viel Vergnügen!