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Please provide us with your contact information by filling in the form furnished below. Please indicate when you would like to rent this vacation home to confirm rental rates and availability.

The home is designed to accommodate six adults and two small children (on inflatable floor mattresses). Our septic system is designed accordingly. We do not rent to larger parties. We do not allow pets. This is as much as anything to insure you that you are not renting a damaged home. There are competent doggie day care facilities in the area. See Our Friends.

Between Memorial Day (May 27, 2019) and Labor Day (September 2, 2019) our rentals are weekly only. Our rate during this period is currently $3,500 per week. Weekly rentals are from Saturday to Saturday. In addition, a $200 cleaning fee and County and State taxes of 12% apply.  There is a $500 premium charge for Holiday Weeks.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are also considered to be Holiday Weeks and, for that reason, are subject to the $500 premium charge. Rentals during these Holiday Weeks are for a minimum of 4 nights at a rate of $500 per night. The $200 cleaning fee and taxes would also apply.

Otherwise, rentals are for a minimum period of 2 nights at a rate of $500 per night, the $200 cleaning fee and taxes would also apply. During Fall, Winter and Spring, additional nights can be added at a discounted rate of $350 per night.

The companies that rent boats on the Lake tell us that boat rentals should be available through the end of October. And, no promises, but the water is typically warm enough for swimming up until November!